Set a starting point and final destination – and we’ll schedule your ride.

Schedule a ride on Bayway Flex for just $1.50! Simply input a pickup and destination point within the service zone – and you’ll be moving in no time. Each scheduled ride will have a 20-minute flexibility window to allow for the pickup and drop-off of additional riders.

Learn more about how you can use Bayway Flex to schedule your ride by watching this video.

Bayway Flex operates in the following Service Zones

30A Zone

The 30A zone is a geofenced area that includes Panama City Beach and a portion of Walton County. Travel between Panama City Beach and 30A to commute to work or to relax at popular destinations like Rosemary Beach, Laguna Beach, and more.

Book a Flex Ride

We’ve got three easy ways to schedule a Bayway Flex ride.

Download the App

Download the Bayway Flex App from the Apple App Store
Download the Bayway Flex App from the Google Play Store

Use Online Link

Call our Office

All rides within the Flex zone are a flat $1.50 and can be scheduled for pickup or drop-off within our hours of operation (Monday through Sunday, 6 am – 8 pm). Rides can be scheduled in live time or up to 5 days in advance. Payments can be made via credit card or the Wallet feature during the booking process, a pre-paid Bayway pass, or with cash when you hop onboard.

Don’t have Bayway Flex yet?

Download the Flex App

Download the Bayway Flex App from the Apple App Store
Download the Bayway Flex App from the Google Play Store

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Is there a maximum number of people that I can book a trip for?

Users can schedule a single trip for up to 6 individuals by using the app or online link. Groups larger than 6 can book by calling 850-769-0557.

Do I need to bring my own car seat when I book a ride with my child?  

Yes, you are required to bring your own car seat for trips with young riders required by Florida law to be buckled in by allowable safety equipment.

How can I pay for the ride?

Riders can pay for a Bayway Flex trip with a credit/debit card or funds from the Wallet feature at the time of booking or with cash as you hop onboard. The Wallet feature allows riders to load and store funds on the app for a seamless transaction process. If paying with cash, exact change is required. If you have a pre-paid single day or monthly pass, select ‘Pay with a Pre-Paid Pass’ on the app and show the driver your pass when boarding.

Can I use this service as part of my 1-day and/or monthly pass?

Yes! All Bayway Flex rides are included at no additional cost as part of the day and monthly pass purchase.

Can I book multiple trips in advance?

Yes. Advanced trips can be booked up to 5 days in advance.

Why am I not seeing the Bayway Flex zone when using the app?

The current service area is exclusive to the 30A boundary. Try zooming out to see the boundary zone (indicated in blue).

How do I book a Flex ride without a smartphone?

You can still book a Flex ride without a smartphone. You can use our online link or call our office at (850) 769 – 0557.

How do I locate the virtual stops?

The virtual stops are designated locations that are identified on the Bayway Flex app. The stops do not have physical signs, so please navigate to the location of your approximate virtual stop to wait for the Bayway vehicle (similar to a school bus stop).