Garnet and GO! Ride Free on Bayway

FSU Panama City is proud to partner with Bayway to provide students with free transportation all semester long. Transit is an excellent way to get around, even if you have a car! Ride to campus without worrying about finding parking for class, or travel around town without burning gas money.

Head to Local Hotspots

  1. Plan your route using the online trip planner
  2. Hop on board & show your GO! Pass
  3. Ride FREE!

Trip Planner

e.g. Gulf Coast State College e.g. Panama City Beach, FL

Not Signed Up for a GO! Pass?

  1. Download the Token Transit app.
  2. Sign up for the Garnet and GO! Pass program with your student email on the FSU Token Transit portal.
  3. Verify your email and choose ‘Unlock Access’.
  4. Enter your access code in your account settings on the app.
  5. Select ‘FSU Garnet and GO! 1 Way’ and ‘Buy Now.’
  6. Before you board the bus, select ‘Start My Trip’.
  7. Hop on board and show the bus operator your ticket.

Eligible Participants

The University shall be responsible for all steps involved to determine whether a participant meets the definition of an Eligible Participant and tracking all Participants, as defined below, who are eligible for free transit rides.

An “Eligible Student” is defined as a person who: (a) is currently enrolled at the University; (b) qualifies for the Garnet and GO! Pass program; and (c) attends the University with a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.

An “Eligible Participant” is defined as an Eligible Student who has elected to participate in the Garnet and GO! Pass program.