On Demand+

Introducing Bayway On Demand+! Bayway On Demand+ has partnered with Uber to help make public transportation more accessible for our community. This special service runs from the Panama City Mall to Hwy 20 within the Hwy 231 Corridor and allows you to book your ride for just $1.50. If you are located in the designated route area and have been approved for this service, simply open your Uber app to find your ride, or call us at (850) 769-0557.


To qualify for Bayway On Demand+ Uber, you must have no other means of transportation available and at least one of the following criteria:

  • Applicant is age 60 or older; or
  • Applicant’s income level falls below current federal poverty guidelines
  • Applicant has a disability preventing the use of a bus route serviced by Bayway

To apply for Bayway On Demand+ Uber, click here: